About us

Tom Austen, General manager at BCS

Tom is the man who keeps everything running smoothly, he's the friendly voice on the other end of the line when you call to place your orders everyday. In his spare time he's running marathons, applying for Bear Grylls 'The Island' and travelling the world. Some of his notable achievements include: Office Hottie of the year award 2011 and his son, Rudy

Ivan Caglioni, Offie & Warehouse Assistant at BCS

Ivan is in charge of ensuring our warehouse is stocked, organising routes and dispatching our deliveries on time every day. A huge job that he manages with ease (he makes it look easy!) and a smile on his face!

Rhys Trussler, Product Specialist at BCS

With retail expertise at GAP and events management experience running Brighton and Hove's Jobs fair, Rhys is the organisations go-to guy for our store and supply line. Rhys also designs packaging concepts, table set ups, and all other products to create your unique look. He's also an artist, check out his website for more.

Catherine Ferrer, Admin Support at BCS

Catherine already had a full time job looking after 3 children, but we're lucky enough to have her helping out at BCS part-time. She'll often be handling your orders as well as looking of our website content. She's the qualified dancer of the team which shows itself at the Christmas party!

Hugh Bateman, Administration Assistant at BCS

Hugh has extensive experience in the catering supplies world having previously been at Nisbets. He keeps all of our systems running smoothly as well as administering our Warehouse Management System. He's also a generous volunteer with the Cafe Waste-Not in Eastbourne, check out their cause for more deets.

Unai Bustamante, Delivery Driver at BCS

Unai is the man!... who delivers all of our goods. Here's at the centre of the BCS team, our interface between our clients and us, always keeping us in the loop with what's happening on the ground.

Ben Ferrer, Founder & CEO at BCS

BCS was founded by Ben in 2011. A career hotelier who became so frustrated with the lack of efficient and service focussed companies in the sector that he decided to establish his own. Raised in his parents’ hotel in Devon, Ben started working in the family business whilst still at school, progressing through the ranks from service level up to his last role as Managing Director of the My Hotels group which spans four hotels, 200 staff and 300 bedrooms. Hospitality is in his blood and places him as uniquely qualified in understanding and supplying at all levels of the hospitality industry.

Ben has also been Managing Director for Tanya’s Living Food Restaurants, on the board of The Fitzrovia Partnership BID and sat on the London Committee of the British Hospitality Association. and remains close to the BHA today

Claire Ottewell, Commercial Director at BCS

Claire's packed the last 20 years with a wide range of professional experiences across a number of industry sectors on behalf of the public, private & not for profit sectors. The common thread is communication, She's a specialist in determining needs/problems & delivering tailored sustainable solutions. She's pragmatic, hates wasting opportunities or resources & will always look for the most cost effective way to get results. Whatever she does, she does with passion, giving total commitment, so it has to be something that she believes in; heart and soul. She's also a part time voice over artist and a mother to two small people.