Brighton Catering Supplies

  • BCS teams up with UPS

    In our view there's only one truly serious courier to use if you care about your products and your customers, that's why BCS chooses UPS to handle our Nationwide - as well as international - logistics. So much so that we put them to the test which they didn't know about...

    We took a fragile consignment and posted it to ourselves with UPS, however not in the same way that you might imagine. We sent the products in a box with no protective packaging - better for the environment too ...

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  • Saving Our Planet, no, really saving it

    It's almost cliche now to claim that you're eco-friendly, or socially responsible; BCS is passionate about it and here's a few of things that we're doing, that maybe you could too.

    Our Van

    We're converting to bio-fuel, and when we say we're converting that doesn't mean "we're thinking about it", it means that we've spoken to some experts and we're starting with a 50/50 mix of Diesel and Bio Diesel. This mean that with a couple of fuel filter changes we'l ...

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