New Business

Skyfall Restaurant Hove, new opening product design by BCS

Skyfall Restaurant, Hove, opening design and implementation Front of House and Back of House by BCS

Your Catering idea made a reality with BCS

This is where it all starts. A dream. An idea. A desire. Perhaps you've already done your research, maybe you're a seasoned pro looking to start your own venture. Now more than ever you need to have the right team around you. BCS is the ideal partner to have from the start to recommend, design consult and even help you with all of your project decisions - free of charge.

BCS expertise can get your new catering idea off the ground

We've helped loads of new businesses, big and small take those first steps. From prospecting property to design the brand concept with cutlery, glassware crockery to fully designing and project managing the kitchen fit out. We have years of catering expertise ourselves so can help you every step of the way in making your dream become a reality.

Small Batch Coffee - Wilbury Road - BCS start up project

Small Batch Coffee, Wilbury Road - Client Partners


At BCS our first step is to understand your business

We need to get to know each other, understand your idea and what your goals are. It's really important to us that we're fully engaged with what you're trying to achieve and to understand exactly what level of involvement you want from us to create a win-win relationship.

At BCS we make your catering equipment pricelist bespoke.

Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance; so true. We put a huge emphasis on planning, reviewing, re-planning and planning again. To help you succeed in your business, once you're on board with us we help you with every aspect of your set up and share all of our experience.

At BCS we make sure we know the parameters of your business

Because of our experience, our understanding of your goals and time spent on planning our implementation is usually pretty smooth, on budget and on time. This won't mean that it would be incredibly stressful for you, but we sure make it a lot easier for you.

Improving and refining our relationship at BCS

We ask you what went well in working with us, what we could do better and how you feel now your project is up and running. It means that we can go away and be even better, everytime. We don't leave you there either and stay close throughout and hopefully build a long lasting relationship.

Myslice Design and build by BCS

My Slice, Brighton, kitchen design, implementation and assistance in lease negotiations and planning usage application.