Expert Commercial Kitchen Design by BCS.Direct

We have experience designing both large and small kitchens each with their own Key Performance Targets; always focused on making your idea work

Catering expertise to contribute to your design

We started out life operating Restaurants and Hotels. It's what sets us aside from other commercial kitchen providers.

Your kitchen project delivered on time and on budget with BCS.Direct

All of our projects - yes all - come in on time and on budget, we don't settle for anything else. We're supremely proud of our aftercare too.

Rational Kitchen Design from BCS

Bristol Hippodrome Kitchen Design by BCS

Difficult Spaces made into Commercial Kitchens by BCS

We have designed and installed some of the most challenging spaces on the commercial landscape. Often with less than 10SQM of space and including box rooms that people are converting to kitchens.

Menu Design incorporated into Kitchen Design with BCS

To make a commercial kitchen really successful the designers must enter into a dialogue with the chefs and owners regarding what their goals are from their products. Each menu and kitchen combination is unique and we have expertise in almost all!

Rose & Mary Muswell Hill, 20SQM Kitchen Design by BCS

Rose & Mary Muswell Hill, London N8, 20SQM Kitchen installation by BCS


At BCS our first step is to understand your business

Firstly we have to understand your business goals, then we have to understand your variables and non-variables such as budget and quality, then we give you the best of our experience for you to use.

At BCS we make your catering equipment pricelist bespoke.

This is a huge part of the overall project. Making up your designs and working through them with you to arrive at the best solution. We then do a cost plan so you know what everything is going to cost, and finally a time schedule.

At BCS we make sure we know the parameters of your business

Because of our experience and time spent on planning our fit out implementation is usually pretty smooth. This won't mean that it would be incredibly stressful for you, especially if it's your first project.

Improving and refining our relationship at BCS

We have to learn and constantly improve. We ask you what went well in working with us, what we could do better and how you feel now your project is up and running. It means that we can go away and be even better, everytime.

Myslice Design and build by BCS

My Slice, Brighton, kitchen design and installation by BCS